I was alone, dreamt of yesterday

I didn’t cry nor regret.

I remembered those twinkling eyes
and the smile in the morning.

Cheerful rooms where we shared happiness.

Places we used to be.

Mountain path where we’re walking hand in hand

Sharing burden between shoulders

and giving smile to each other in our journey.

I was staring at the ceilings.
Looking back at the moments of togetherness

when I was next to you and you made my life complete.

Even there was pain that hurt, we cured it ourselves.
You are still my soul,

You are my world, my hidden treasure.

I still don’t know what was going wrong
All gone without a reason
like the wind.
But I know both of us still crying,
wondering why,
should we meet just to say goodbye.

Forever we trust each other
Forever we give love in need
For we know,
although we had been apart,
the moon and gliterring stars we used to see together is still out there….


“Heaven says one of us indebted to the other.

I wish with all we’ve gone through no one owes anything to anyone.

It’s over, we’ve been through our karma.”

Memoirs – Alfred Heinz Trudeau, Medio Juli 1998


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